What form of scarring could you see from breast augmentation?

12th November 2018

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One particular of the most typical questions that women request prior to obtaining breast augmentation is, “Will there be scarring, and if so, what will it look like?” Due to the fact breast enhancement is a surgical procedure, scarring is an inescapable element of the method. That mentioned, there are plenty of techniques to decrease scarring and make it much less apparent.

Seeking at the solutions to some of the most popular concerns about breast augmentation scarring may possibly help to give you peace of brain that your last final results can look really clean and natural.

The place will my breast augmentation scars be located?

The location of your breast implant scars will be established by the placement of the incisions that your plastic surgeon will make in get to place your implants inside of the breast pocket. One particular of the most common incision techniques is called the inframammary incision. This strategy produces two incisions that comply with the normal curve underneath your breasts. Therefore, scarring can be very easily concealed beneath a bikini top.

The periareolar incision produces a semi-round incision tracing the reduce half of your areolas, which can camouflage scarring even additional. There is also the transaxillary incision, put in your underarm region, so there will be no scarring at all on your breasts. This strategy, even so, calls for much more surgical ability and finesse and can be somewhat much less accurate when it arrives to the placement of your implants.

What will my scars appear like?

During your breast enhancement recovery process, it truly is essential to keep in mind that scars can just take up to 18 months to totally mend and mature. So you may discover that your scars seem to be to be receiving even worse just before they seem much better. Most breast augmentation scars will look pink or pink and slightly lifted till they get started to heal and turn out to be less noticeable above time. The rate at which your scars will recover can also rely on aspects like your age, genetics, pores and skin tone and publicity to the sunshine.

How can I decrease scarring right after plastic surgical procedure?

The great news is that there are heaps of factors you can do prior to and after plastic surgeon to assist accelerate healing and minimize the look of your scars. These consist of:

  • Steering clear of using tobacco for a number of weeks prior to and after your process
  • Being out of the solar and wearing sunscreen
  • Consuming healthy food items and consuming loads of drinking water in the course of recovery
  • Subsequent your plastic surgeon’s physical action recommendations after breast augmentation

What are my scar remedy choices?

If you do create more pronounced scars or want to decrease their appearance even even more, there are also a number of scar remedy options you can consider. Just make positive you talk to your plastic surgeon just before striving any of these therapies, as you need to have to make sure your incisions have completely healed 1st:

  • Taking vitamin E supplements or implementing topical vitamin E to healed incisions
  • Silicone sheeting
  • Topical cortisone cream
  • Laser skin resurfacing

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