Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery at Plastic Surgery France From £3,950

Natural changes to our body and metabolism take their toll on your body, everyone’s abdomen or tummy is different in size and shape, and especially for women pregnancies will inevitably take its toll on our abdominal region.

What is accepted as a “normal” stomach is influenced by what we all see on television, in magazines, in art, and in advertising media.

Our Plastic Surgeons are Specialist Cosmetic Surgeons with many Years experience in all types of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Tummy Tuck Before and after

tummy-tucks-before-afterUnwanted and unsightly excess sagging tissue can extend from the front of the abdomen, to the sides, and to the back. This is more commonly known as a “Love Handle”, and this is when most people start to consider cosmetic Surgery options

As can be seen from the “Before Surgery” image on the left the access skin and fat around the abodomen have dropped and the skin has stretched below the waist line.

Abdominoplasty surgery can and will reduce this excess skin and re-tighten the abdomen.

However, help is at hand at our specialist Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in France where we can re-build your abdominal areas and effectively “roll back the years”.

During the Operation Liposuction to the abdomen is also applied to reduce the amount of excess fat.
This Liposuction is included in the Price of a Tummy Tuck at our Clinic unlike many hospitals in the UK who charge an addition fee for this procedure