Our Private Clinic in France is accessible to UK clients for Cosmetic Surgery of all types. With the ever increasing ease of access from most parts of the UK, it now makes it perfectly acceptable to travel to France at a reasonable cost. The Clinics in our Network are located in convenient locations so that Travelers from most parts of the UK and Ireland can gain easy access by most methods of transport.
Because of this you will benefit from the lower costs of plastic surgery for Tummy Tucks, Breast enlargement, augmentation, lift enlargement or reduction, Face Lifts, Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) or liposuction.
Our Plastic Surgeon is Professionally Qualified to carry out in France and his Qualifications are Comparable to the standards expected in Great Britain thanks to EU standardisation of Medical Qualifications in France also Benefits from what is Considered by many to be one of the best Health Service providers in the Western World. You can also Compare plastic surgery cost list worldwide where you find that cosmetic surgery in France cost less.

Our vision

To Provide a good service at a reasonabale price

Our Mission

To make sure that every client is satisfied with the results.

How we do it

By ensuring we have the best equipment, highly qualified professional surgeons and and staff in a friendly and supportive environment.