To breast carry or not to breast carry?

25th April 2019

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Clients usually condition that whilst they are disappointed with the look of their breasts, they don’t know whether or not they need to have a carry. A mastopexy, or breast raise, is a surgical treatment that raises the breast tissue and nipple by getting rid of extra pores and skin and reshaping the breast to a much more youthful contour.

Numerous females are familiar with the “pencil examination,” as an casual test they use to consider to determine if they require a breast lift. This entails inserting a pencil at the breast crease the place the underside of the breast satisfies the chest wall (aka the inframammary fold), and if the pencil stays in location by by itself relatively than slipping down, the breasts might have drooped adequate to want a breast lift. While this can be a beneficial trick, it really is not entirely precise, and not exactly the exact same technique plastic surgeons use!

So, what brings about the breasts to sag, and how do plastic surgeons evaluate whether a patient is a great prospect for a breast carry?

Are you a excellent prospect for a breast carry?

With aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight alterations, genetics and gravity, the breast tissue loses its elasticity and the breasts get started to droop, which is named ptosis. The diploma of ptosis is categorised according to the position of the nipple.

In common, a nipple positioned at or above the degree of the breast fold is attractive, and nipple positions that descend below the fold with the nipple in the end pointing in the direction of the floor constitute the highest diploma of ptosis. Any diploma of nipple drooping below the fold may possibly point out that a breast carry is essential. There are cases in which the nipple is at the degree of the breast fold but the breast tissue alone has drooped decrease, identified as “pseudoptosis,” and these sufferers may possibly even now be candidates for a breast lift.

What about scarring right after a breast elevate?

Whilst clients are understandably typically concerned about the extent of scarring soon after a breast carry, the scar fades in excess of time. I inform my sufferers that achieving a lovely condition is the most essential point. Together with the meticulous strategy of a skilled, board-accredited plastic surgeon to lessen scarring, there are also several scar creams and lasers that can more add to increased scar healing.

The sort of incision for a breast lift – about the nipple (periareolar), lollipop or anchor scar – is normally based mostly on how a lot of a carry is required. During the surgery, the nipple and areola are raised to a more youthful situation, the enlarged areola is diminished to an proper dimension, the excessive skin and tissue is removed and the remaining tissue is reshaped to develop the new tighter and larger breast contour.

All set to take the following step on your breast carry journey?

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