Plastic surgical procedure alternatives for patients with a little or recessed chin

21st December 2017

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“Medical professional, I have no chin.” I can’t tell you exactly how lots of times I hear that from an individual. It is a regular worry of most of my aesthetic face surgical procedure patients. In a bulk of these instances, the patients report that they had prior orthodontics at one time in their life. As well as, in most of these cases, the clients normally states that they had a deep overbite.

Cosmetic chin surgery (genioplasty) can be executed on individuals who have: a recessed or little chin, a big or protruding chin, or an asymmetric or uneven chin. During the consultation, the specialist will certainly check out not just the person’s profile, which is typically the most worrying to the individual, they will take a look at the individual’s “oral bite” or occlusion. I will be assessing “tiny or recessed” chin in this blog site, as well as various other chin deformities in future messages.

Pre-operative evaluation

The surgeon may advise that the client have a special radiograph to review the boney design of the jaws, and also its connection to the head bones (cephalogram). In a bulk of the situations, the individual’s lower jaw is anatomically positioned additionally back compared to typical, in comparison to the upper jaw.

Therapy alternatives

Alloplastic genioplasty

If the person is just cosmetically concerned concerning their tiny chin, as well as not the position of their teeth or jaws, after that there are 2 common choices for this client. The client could have the positioning of a chin dental implant. The implant is produced from a form of artificial product. The implants can be found in many dimensions as well as shapes. The surgeon will do measurements of the client’s facial appearances to identify what dimension implant will certainly provide the patient the cosmetic profile desired. The implants are operatively put via an incision either through the mouth or under the chin. The surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure with the assistance of regional anesthetic and/or intravenous sedation.

Straight Sliding Genioplasty

This is an additional type of surgical treatment, in which the “boney” chin is operatively reduced with an accuracy saw from inside the mouth. This boney chin sector is horizontally “moved” forward, giving the person an improved chin account. The boney segment is after that protected and also obsessed in this new placement, with a combination of certain plates and screws. In this procedure in contrast to the above, the individual’s own bone is used to do the augmentation vs. an artificial dental implant. Nonetheless, the degree of the surgical procedure and post-operative training course is greater.

Additional cosmetic face surgical treatment

I typically recommend as well as execute a genioplasty (chin implant) on patients in mix with a facelift or neck lift. Chin implants are additionally frequently advised in situations of nose job when the individual presents with a recessed chin. This presentation in fact makes the nose appear larger and disproportionate to the rest of the face.

Post-operative training course


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