Not as straightforward as saline vs silicone – Things to contemplate ahead of obtaining a breast augmentation treatment

24th April 2018

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Whilst most sufferers are likely to research the methods of their curiosity on-line prior to coming in for a seek advice from, some breast augmentation candidates at my personal Nashville practice are shocked by the amount of factors they require to maintain in head when organizing their plastic medical procedures.

In addition to the evident selections to be created for implant dimensions and projection, below are some other elements you could have to consider.


This is possibly the first and most common subject matter we get queries on in the course of a breast augmentation session. The proper-sized implant is mainly dependent on each individual’s anatomy, and as a result diverse for every single patient! It is very critical to go to a surgeon who understands the sophisticated interactions amongst present breast tissue and a new implant. This allows for implant selection that will produce lovely, stylish and extended-lasting benefits with the cheapest threat of problems. A tissue-primarily based paradigm focuses on thinking about appropriate factors of the patient’s anatomy, this kind of as chest base width and breast tissue subtype, to make the choice.


Breast implants can be either spherical or “shaped” (i.e. teardrop-like). Formed implants had been originally created for breast reconstruction candidates to have an implant selection that mimicked the all-natural slope/tapering (with increasing projection from prime to bottom) of most breasts just before medical procedures and are now utilised with cosmetic augmentation candidates as effectively.

Each kinds have their professionals and disadvantages. Teardrop implants may be far more all-natural-hunting for many girls but may possibly call for a a bit for a longer time incision and may possibly seem unusual if they rotate inside of their breast pocket.

Round implants may be greater for patients who have shallower breasts at the top and could reward from increased upper pole fullness. Their condition also makes it possible for rotation to be considerably less of a concern.

More, newer gel kinds deemed cohesive or “gummy” allow the possibility of different ranges of gel firmness in a round form, increasing our capacity to match the best implant to the patient’s skin and tissue kind.


Round implants might appear in easy or textured shells. To decrease rotation, teardrop implants generally arrive with textured shells that encourage the development of scar tissue to keep the implant in place. For principal augmentation, we frequently use smooth implants which permit for a extremely all-natural come to feel.


In no way believe that breast augmentation with implants is a one particular-and-completed method. While breast implants could be prolonged-lasting with quite minimal threat of their shells rupturing, they are not lifetime products. Modern implants normally very last for much more than a ten years just before they need to be changed. Breast implants arrive in silicone shells with both saline (sterile saltwater) or silicone gel filling. Saline implants employed to be a lot more well-known, but this has altered drastically with the newer generations of silicone gel implants that can give an ever more normal come to feel and contour, and a significantly reduce risk of rippling and wrinkling deformity.

“Gummy” or “gummy bear” implants—called so due to the fact of their solid-point out gel—are the variety of silicone breast implants most sufferers select for their reasonably far more organic search and really feel. Simply because of their ability to keep their shape (i.e. their “kind-stable” top quality), they have a a lot reduced probability of leakage, even if their shells rupture.

Saline implants may possibly be inserted by means of a broader assortment of surgical methods as they don’t call for as extended an incision – an vacant shell can be crammed with saline following its insertion. Silicone implants come pre-loaded, requiring a fairly more time incision (though nonetheless tiny!) to generate an opening for insertion.

Incision and insertion approach

The placement of surgical incisions by means of which the implants are to be inserted rely on patient issues and qualities, as nicely as the kind of implant to be utilized (as noted above).

There are four principal areas that may be regarded for incision placement.

  1. The periareolar incision that is manufactured all around the areola
  2. The inframammary incision that is made below the breast in its crease
  3. The transaxillary incision that is produced in the axilla or armpit
  4. The transumbilical incision or TUBA (TransUmbilical Breast Augmentation) produced at the belly button (pre-stuffed implants can’t be put with this method)

Existing literature and knowledge help the usage of the very first 3 over tactics. Nevertheless, there is some information suggesting that the safest method to support limit the danger of capsular contracture is the inframammary approach. As a result, this is the most generally taken approach in my follow.

Implant pocket

The implant pocket is the place the implant will be placed in relation to the mammary gland and chest muscle mass. It is an essential element of the procedure as it influences each aesthetics and operate.

  • Subpectoral or submuscular implants are put both partly or completely below the chest muscle mass (also identified as the “dual airplane” strategy, which was produced the place I skilled)
  • Subglandular implants are put amongst the chest muscle and mammary gland
  • Subfascial implants are also between the muscle mass and gland, but the fascia (skinny layer of connective tissue earlier mentioned muscle tissues) is lifted to sit on leading of them

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