How can plastic surgical treatment rejuvenate your cheeks?

19th April 2018

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“Doctor, my cheeks are slipping!” This is a comment I hear often in my practice. “I utilised to have large, full cheekbones and now my cheeks are flat. Are my cheeks falling?”

Facial aesthetics

The facial location is a complicated ingredient consisting of pores and skin, muscle mass, unwanted fat and bones, along with several nerves that function jointly to open up and near the mouth and eyes and permit us to smile. As we age, gravity is not our pal. Laxity of the skin and supporting tissue leads to drooping of the cheeks. The “cheekbones” do not really drop, but rather the skin, fat and supporting constructions begin to descend. This descent or laxity of the cheeks and supporting tissues is what results in the formation of jowls alongside the lower jaw line and a hollow appearance of the cheeks.

Cheek augmentation

Facial augmentation is a significant component of my practice. In a prior blog, I reviewed the subject of chin augmentation. The remainder of this blog will be contributed to cheek augmentation.

Cheek augmentation can be performed the two nonsurgically and surgically. Nonsurgical facial augmentation can be executed by using either autologous body fat (patient’s possess unwanted fat) or a dermal filler. Cheek augmentation utilizing a facial implant is a far more permanent way of improving and adding quantity and assist to the cheeks and overlying soft tissues. A cheek augmentation also final results in delicate “lifting” of the face and jowls.

Surgical process

Cheek implants are composed of many diverse kinds of artificial components. The common sorts are possibly silicone-formed implants or porous polyethylene. The silicone implants are normally clean in composition and the polyethylene kinds have a textured surface. I use the two in my apply and choose the textured implants when doing cheek augmentation. Prior to the surgical procedure, I from time to time purchase a radiograph to consider the symmetry of the facial cheekbones or to rule out any boney pathology.

In my apply, the implants are placed below anesthesia, both basic or local anesthesia with sedation. I prefer to area the implants via an incision in the mouth. I make an incision inside the mouth, in the location exactly where the higher teeth meet the inner cheek. I develop a pocket amongst the cheekbone and the facial muscles. I often use a sizer, which is a short-term implant, that can be placed into the pocket to establish which long lasting implant to use. In this fashion, I can spot a distinct dimensions or formed sizer on the proper and still left to make a decision in the working room which implant ideal aesthetically augments the patient’s visual appeal. With cheek implants, I sometimes place a long term titanium screw by means of the implant, securing it to the fundamental bone to prevent any motion or rotation of the implant. The oral incision is sutured closed and the individual discharged home soon afterward.

Postoperative treatment

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