Healing after DIEP flap breast reconstruction

8th December 2017

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The DIEP flap bust reconstruction is today’s most innovative form of breast restoration. The procedure uses the person’s reduced abdominal skin and fat to reconstruct a breast after mastectomy yet unlike the TRAM flap procedure, preserves all the stomach muscles.

Advantages of the DIEP flap procedure over implant restoration consist of:

  • No foreign objects. Only the individual’s skin as well as fat are utilized.
  • The rebuilt breast( s) are cozy and also soft to the touch, not cool down like some implant repairs.
  • Sensory nerve repair could be performed with the DIEP flap (as well as SIEA flap) to bring back sensation after mastectomy.
  • The reconstructed breast is permanent. Unlike some implant people, DIEP people do not experience raising breast solidifying (capsular contracture) or dental implant tears over time, as well as hardly ever require additional surgery once the reconstructive procedure is total.

When considering DIEP flap breast reconstruction, a huge worry for numerous people is post-operative pain. Numerous clients think reconstruction with implants is the least uncomfortable choice considering that the procedure is less intrusive and has a much shorter personnel time than DIEP flap. Nonetheless, researches have shown this is not the instance.

Although the DIEP flap procedure is a lot more intrusive and also requires a much longer surgical treatment than standard (subpectoral) cells expander/implant reconstruction, DIEP flap clients experience much less discomfort for a couple of factors:

  • Very little muscular tissue trauma. A lot of implant-based restorations include putting the dental implant under the chest muscle mass. This calls for launching and raising the “pec” muscle off the upper body wall surface to develop a pocket for the implant. This hurts and contributes to person recuperation.
  • For individuals that are not prospects for direct-to-implant procedures, tissue expanders are loaded in time to stretch the overlapping breast cells. This expansion procedure can be very unpleasant for people when the expander is positioned under the muscle mass.

Healing and also recovery after DIEP flap bust repair could be significantly simpler than most patients believe. With the application of ERAS Protocols, a lot of patients experience little pain after surgical treatment, need little if any narcotics, and can be discharged from the healthcare facility after 3 days or less.

Below is a fast photo of exactly what to anticipate:

Week 1

First 2-3 days are invested in the medical facility to recover. Clients need to anticipate to be walking numerous times the day after surgery as well as can slowly raise strolling time and also range as they really feel comfy. By day 3, most clients can head house.

Week 2

If drains are used they are removed as soon as drain result is reduced enough. Patients could remain to boost their cardio endurance and also start relieving into post-operative variety of motion arm exercises. By the end of the 2nd week clients can switch over from medical garments to a bra as well as panty band (be certain to obtain clearance from your doctor or registered nurse initially).

Week 3-4

Patients ought to feel extra efficient in doing points on their very own. People with reduced effect desk jobs could go back to work.

Week 5-6

Most individuals are returning to their typical regimen. By week six there are no constraints.


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