Facial feminization for cisgender girls with masculine-seeking faces

23rd August 2018

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Facial feminization is a described established of plastic and craniofacial surgical methods that function to reshape masculine facial characteristics to make them appear far more female. Most normally, these procedures are included in gender affirmation surgical treatment for transgender folks. However, the very same methods could also assist cisgender ladies (woman assigned feminine at start) with masculine-searching faces who want to seem more feminine.

Are you an ideal applicant for facial feminization?

You might be an ideal candidate for facial feminization if you truly feel that your face is way too masculine-seeking. The most typical complaints heard from females who are ideal candidates for this kind of surgical procedure are:

  • My forehead is as well higher or too “daring”
  • My brow sticks out way too much it truly is way too distinguished or “large”
  • My eyes look “darkish” or “deeply established”
  • My jawline and chin is too extensive, as well angular or also sharp

Which surgical procedures are generally provided in facial feminization?

It all depends on your existing facial features and the spot of your face that you may possibly contemplate becoming as well masculine. After an in-depth session, your surgeon may possibly advocate a combination of both plastic and craniofacial methods, or just a solitary procedure, to make your experience seem far more female. Frequent feminization processes include:

  • Forehead reduction and contouring
  • Scalp improvement
  • Brow raise (browplasty) or temple carry
  • Rhinoplasty (nose surgical procedure)
  • Lip reshaping (upper lip lift, lip filling, corners-of-mouth carry)
  • Cheek improvement
  • Chin recontouring (genioplasty)
  • “Asian” V-Line medical procedures (ideal for all ethnicities)
  • Jaw contouring and tapering
  • Adam’s apple reduction
  • Earlobe reduction

What transpires throughout facial feminization? How is the surgery done?

Facial feminization surgical treatment is most typically carried out in a single “prolonged format” surgical session with the surgeon executing sets of procedures relying on the surgical internet site: upper-, mid- or reduce-encounter.

For illustration, if your surgeon is lowering a large brow and overly prominent forehead, he could also need to have to execute a rhinoplasty (nasal medical procedures) simply because the brow and the nose are inextricably linked bodily and aesthetically. So if you adjust the form of any significant characteristic, such as your forehead and brow, you will most almost certainly want to change the profile of your nose to hold your face in aesthetic harmony and balance.

Relying on the variety of feminization processes you may possibly need to have, you will be in the functioning room for 3-10 several hours. This type of prolonged structure medical procedures is manufactured safer by the use of a extremely light general anesthesia–restricting the body’s publicity to narcotics and other anesthetic brokers which also increases the restoration process.

You may possibly also choose to have your medical procedures damaged up into two phases: an “higher” and “reduced encounter” section. These phases could be carried out a handful of times, weeks, or even a long time aside. But most patients decide on to have all of their feminization procedures accomplished during a single session to help save on downtime and expense.

How a lot will facial feminization surgical procedure usually expense?

The cost for facial feminization will range depending on several factors:

  • Current features – the diploma of “masculinity” in your facial functions that you might be in search of to be feminized
  • The amount of methods required to attain your perfect end result
  • If you select to have every thing accomplished at when or broken up into two periods
  • Any pre-present well being problems that could affect the surgical treatment
  • Medical center-particular expenses

As these factors fluctuate commonly from man or woman to individual, it is practically not possible to predict the price of feminization surgical procedure until your original surgical session.

Will there be any scarring following facial feminization?

Most of the facial feminization procedures described over need to consequence in minimal obvious scarring. A expert and board-certified surgeon will make certain that any scarring is very carefully concealed, for illustration inside the hairline, behind the ears, or inside the nose or the mouth.

How prolonged is the recovery time period?

Most feminization patients devote the night time after their surgery in hospital but typically get well well adequate to head residence the following working day. During the 1st few days you might expertise facial swelling and also moderate soreness. Within about seven days following your surgery, most of the swelling and bruising will take care of. Soon after about a few to four months you should have a full recovery and be ready to resume your normal pursuits and wear make-up.

What kind of final results need to you expect?

The final results of your feminization medical procedures will carry on to boost in excess of the subsequent months, with the final optimum consequence becoming obvious at six-to-twelve months. Preferably, if your surgical treatment is done by a board-accredited surgeon qualified in plastic, craniofacial, and maxillofacial surgery, your face will appear as a more female version of you, but you ought to nevertheless search like “you.”

Why select a plastic surgeon with craniomaxillofacial coaching for your feminization surgical procedure?


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