Debunking typical plastic surgical procedure myths

7th December 2017

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There are numerous typical cosmetic surgery misconceptions on the web. It is very important for people to have legit medical details when deciding to have any type of cosmetic surgery treatment.

All aesthetic doctors are “real” cosmetic surgeon

Reality: Unfortunately, anyone with a legitimate clinical permit could call themselves a cosmetic surgeon, hang up a shingle and start dealing with people! So cosmetic surgery has ended up being a “caveat emptor” specialty.

All cosmetic surgery board qualifications coincide

Fact: Only the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABPS) licenses that somebody is completely learnt cosmetic surgery of the face and body. It extracts from 6-9 years to accomplish this training, and afterwards you need to pass a rigorous composed and also two-day dental test.

Only actual plastic surgeons can perform any kind of cosmetic surgery or cosmetic treatments

Fact: It could be tough to believe, but any person with a valid clinical license can call themselves a plastic cosmetic surgeon. The consumer should investigate meticulously prior to she or he visits a doctor.

All plastic surgical treatment procedures are done in a recognized operating center

Truth: Unless you are a board-certified cosmetic surgeon by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABPS), you are not needed to carry out cosmetic surgery in an approved facility. That might place you in harm’s way if there’s an issue.

It’s rude to ask a plastic surgeon hard concerns regarding their experience or proficiency, or to ask to reveal you some results


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