5 concerns to inquire at your vaginal rejuvenation consultation

10th January 2019

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vaginal rejuvenation questions

As women develop more mature and go by means of particular phases in their lives, it is really frequent for numerous to expertise a adjust in their bodies, like their vaginal places. Nevertheless, a lot of girls truly feel ashamed or uncomfortable with the changes in visual appeal and feel. Adjustments in the vaginal area can be introduced on by numerous factors such as being pregnant, childbirth, fat fluctuation and the all-natural ageing method. Girls who are not pleased with these alterations typically seek out vaginal rejuvenation.

The phrase “vaginal rejuvenation” can protect a broad variety of methods both surgical and nonsurgical. These sorts of processes can aid tighten the vaginal canal as nicely as reshape the outer vulva area.

Common vaginal rejuvenation methods are:


  • Labiaplasty: Reduction of the internal labia minora
  • Vaginoplasty: Mend of vaginal laxity by removing extra pores and skin and reconstructing and tightening the vaginal wall
  • Clitorial Hood Reduction: Removing of surplus skin bordering the clitoral hood
  • Labia Majoraplasty: Reduction of the outer labia majora
  • Monsplasty: Reduction of extra pores and skin and excess fat in the frontal element of the vulva exactly where hair grows


  • Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: This nonsurgical procedure uses laser treatment to gently develop tiny microlesions that induce collagen generation, regenerating the vaginal tissues and wall
  • Radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation: Radiofrequency methods, like the Geneveve method that I use in my workplace, employ a system that delivers controlled volumetric heating to safely help promote and rejuvenate vaginal tissue and muscle tissue

Both nonsurgical processes use heating to encourage the surrounding tissues and can be accomplished in an office environment, and equally have been reported to enhance vaginal tightness and small incontinence issues.

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities when contemplating vaginal rejuvenation. The greatest way to decide on a method or mix of processes is by scheduling a seek advice from with a board-qualified plastic surgeon who is experienced in these procedures. I suggest carrying out your study and making ready a checklist of questions forward of time to get with you for reference. Doing analysis ahead of time is likely to aid equally you and your surgeon define your objectives and generate a program to obtain the best final results feasible. To get you began, here are five inquiries I suggest you question at your vaginal rejuvenation consultation.

Am I a good applicant?

This question will guide the way for discussing some of your largest worries about your vaginal region. Women who are far more concerned with the dimension and length of their vulva area may possibly do greatest with a labiaplasty or labia majoraplasty, while other people who find they experience nominal vaginal laxity might benefit most from a nonsurgical method like the Geneveve. This is also a time to examine your existing nutritional and life style practices. Dwelling a healthful and energetic life-style will help assist far better results for your treatment.

What is the restoration time?

Arranging in advance will enjoy a essential role in your restoration time. Some processes are a lot more invasive than others, so being aware of what to count on and how you should prepare will support ease any anxiety. After you know which techniques are likely to be appropriate for you, you need to commence organizing. You could need to timetable time off, enlist the assist of friends and family while you get well as effectively as meal prep to make your downtime much much less nerve-racking.

How will the process be executed?

Possessing any health care process can bring anxiousness, but talking about the information of the procedure can help simplicity any worries you could have. Your surgeon can get you action-by-action by way of the procedure and solution any concerns you have as they go. Nonsurgical procedures generally take thirty minutes to one hour and no downtime is needed, even though a labiaplasty can consider up to 1 to two hours to complete as properly as two to 5 days for restoration time.

What are the hazards?

Modern advancements and developments in plastic surgical procedure have manufactured several procedures a lot safer and far more effective. However, each health-related procedure has some degree of chance. Certainly, invasive surgical treatment will have more dangers than nonsurgical choices. You should be mindful of these risks and go over with your possibilities with your surgeon so that you are nicely-educated and confident in your selection.

What variety of final results must I expect?

It is crucial to be reasonable and comprehend the time body in which you might see results and how prolonged these final results will final. Dependent on the method, outcomes can be quick or might take up to 3 months or longer to see closing results. Benefits also depend on the woman’s genetics, the certain treatment selected and her adherence to comply with-up care. It really is crucial to talk about all of this with your surgeon so that you have sensible expectations.

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