Small Cost Options for Cosmetic Surgical Procedure in France

16th November 2017

Small Cost Options for Aesthetic Surgical Procedure in France

Our plastic and also plastic surgery clinics do thousands of cosmetic and also cosmetic surgery each year. Our plastic as well as surgeons are highly qualified and fully registered in France as Aesthetic doctors.

Economical plastic surgery costs of as much as 70% less than a plastic surgery price in the UK

No covert costs with English speaking aesthetic Surgeons, Nurses and also World-class plastic surgery abroad in our centers in France are similar with any kind of clinic available within EU with most likely a few of the very best plastic as well as cosmetic surgeons.


The centers each our cosmetic surgeon operate in offer one of the most modern-day and advanced tools and also treatments readily available. Free first assessments as well as brief cosmetic surgical treatment booking duration with Immediate feedback to every one of your inquiries as well as worries, responded to within 24 hrs.

Laser Clinic (France) Ltd has chosen for you a group of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Combinations.

The most prominent plastic as well as cosmetic procedures have been assembled in special packages tailored inning accordance with your requirements as well as visual needs. With our Reduced rates you will have accessibility to probably the most affordable priced cosmetic surgery offered in Europe.

Advantages of consolidated plastic surgery abroad:

For example, combining breast enhancement and abdominal liposuction surgery procedures into a solitary operation results in a better proportioned body compared to can be attained by either surgical treatment alone. You will have one plastic surgery procedure and also healing period. The advantage of incorporating the treatments reduces your total amount costs if you are planning on having both procedures carried out at very same time.

You pay for only one trip, one remain, discounted operating fees, as well as a solitary recovery duration

Our professional staff, plastic surgeons and physicians will certainly help you in establishing the amount of and also which cosmetic surgeries can be securely and also properly integrated into one medical trip

Plastic surgery prices

  • Facelift surgical procedure ₤ 3,500
  • Abdominoplasty including lipo From ₤ 3,950
  • Boob job From ₤ 3,850
  • Liposuction surgery (multiple Areas) From ₤ 2,750

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